Friday, 6 January 2012

Trout Fishing Birdwatching

The borders is alive with wildlife at this time and our area around spey caster cottage is fantastic you are right in the thick of it all and you will have the most fantastic chance to tick of a huge amount of birds . Just pack a rucksack out front door and you are straight away surrounded by this bird life the hills or walks in the area are fantastic at this time of the year young birds are just about to leave the nests and the adults are very busy photographs are just waiting to be taken all around you. We have Ron Mccolmb on hand a local expert his details are on site will pick you up after you have organised what you are wanting to see and make a very specila day out showing you things of great interest in the bird watching scene or just go at your leasure but dont miss the chance .
trout fishing is the other sport at the moment getting great catches on the river Tweed and trout are in good form taking alsorts of the surface with a feeding frenze very evedent at the moment ive had good action and had a client out on Sunday at a private location and what a great 3 hours we had from total beginner to spending his last half hour covering free rising brown trout he just coudnt believe it if you would like a night out trout fishing with myself a fully qualified instructor and the chance to fish some fantastic trout water get intouch before booking at speycaster its truly a chance to behold and if you are total beginer to expert the session of three hours will be one to remember .Look forward to hearing from you theres a few spaces left in coming months let us take out the holidya hassel and book with us and we can sort it all out before you arrive cheers Kevin.

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